What is Vizsla Rescue?

In 1991, the Vizsla Club of America created the Vizsla Breed Rescue Program in response to the increasing numbers of Vizslas being abandoned and placed in shelters. The VCA defines a “rescue” as a Vizsla from various types of shelters, a stray, an abandoned dog, or a dog whose owners can no longer care for it. VCA Breed Rescue is dedicated to the welfare of such Vizslas. Rescue program workers are volunteers, and give their time, effort, expertise, and often their own resources to help Vizslas in need. Vizsla Rescue is supported entirely by donations. We always appreciate donations of funds, supplies, and services.

Dogs in the rescue program are spayed, neutered, and temperament tested before placement into a new home. In addition, all applicants wishing to adopt through the rescue program are carefully screened by experienced Rescue volunteers (vizsla owners, breeders, and trainers). A detailed questionnaire, interview process and home check are all part of this screening process.

If you are familiar with this wonderful breed and think that adopting a dog through rescue might be an option, contact us for an application. You can also see How to Support Your Local Rescue, below.

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