The Vizsla Club of Michigan (VCM) is a non-profit organization established in 1974 dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the Vizsla in the state of Michigan.

The VCM holds regular yearly AKC sanctioned competitive events and workshops, including AKC licensed field trials designed to advance the workings skills of the dog, and improve handler/dog rapport.

These events are open to any AKC registered Vizsla and club membership in most cases is optional; however, only members receive the club newsletter and can exercise the right in helping decide club pursuits.

The club embraces the aims of the Vizsla Club of America and the support of the AKC and enjoys their support. It has grown in size and influence through the years and has been instrumental in the rising popularity of the Vizsla in the state of Michigan.

Meetings are held approximately six times a year to discuss upcoming events and hold informal training seminars in field, obedience, show, and most every other activity that involves a Vizsla.

Members have been active in AKC events for many years. In the club’s roster will be found veterinarians, breeders, hunters, trainers, along with other more common and diverse members, all coming together for one compelling reason: the love and admiration for what is undoubtedly the best breed of dog today, the Vizsla.

Membership in the VCM provides the Vizsla owner with easily available advice from well established, seasoned Vizsla owners, and opportunity to become involved in improving the breed’s integrity and popularity in Michigan, and a subscription to the club’s newsletter, which regularly announces arrived or imminent litters, recent canine accomplishments, upcoming events, and informative advice by experienced veterinarians and Vizsla owners on the care, raising, and training of Vizslas.